Protocolo del Concurso

Reception of samples at ANECAFE offices located in the city of Manta.

Coding of samples carried out by an external professional auditor. All the information of the sample such as the producer, farm, variety, process, province is hidden from this moment on.

Sample roasting by alphanumeric codes.

Cupping of samples identified only with random numbers.

Ten samples per table and 5 cups per sample.

SCA / CQI cupping protocol.

Delivery and registration of qualification sheets by national judges.

Tabulation and final results of phase 1.

Official statement of classified samples for Phase 2 of International Judges.

Inspection, verification, sealing and certification of lots in place of storage. Taza Dorada’s technical team travels the country taking a new sample of the lot and sealing it with material and logos from Taza Dorada. A certificate of weight, number of bags, variety, process is issued and 2 copies are signed: One for the producer and one for ANECAFE.

New coding of samples by an external auditor.

Sending samples identified only with an alphanumeric code to each of the international judges for their evaluation.

Receipt of qualifications from international judges.

Announcement and award of the best coffees in Ecuador.

The winning lots for auction are delivered in official strategic stockpiles, a stockpile in Pichincha for lots in the northern part of the country, and a stockpile in Loja for lots in the southern area. Upon receipt, it will be verified that the contest covers and seals placed in Phase 2 have not been tampered with and removed.

The stockpiles will prepare the lots according to the SCA protocol for green coffee. Mesh 15 above, without primary defects and maximum 5 secondary defects in 350 grams. The export format will be exportable green coffee vacuum packed and in boxes with the ANECAFE / Golden Cup logo and certificate.

The technical commission of Taza Dorada will take a new sample of the lots once they are ready to export, so that the sample that the buyers registered for the auction will receive corresponds 100% to the lots that they will later receive for winning the bid.

Information on the lots and photographs will be sent to each of the buyers to support the traceability and transparency of the process.

Electronic auction of the best lots of special coffee from Ecuador.

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